Memphis History & Memorabilia By George Whitworth


“George Whitworth is a Memphis attorney and dedicated collector who has practiced law since 1963. His passion for history and collecting began when he was 12 years old after receiving an autographed photo of Alben Barkley, 35th Vice President of the U.S. His family was also big on collecting – his Dad collected coins, his sister collected western art and artifacts, his Mother collected antiques, photos, etc. Now, as he begins to think about “retirement” he still says his passion is for Memphis History, rare books, cappuccino, and football. He has amassed an amazing collection of vintage photos, books, and memorabilia related to early Memphis. Most of the collection has not been seen by the public – until now. We are pleased that George has chosen to show selections from his collection on the website.”
View Gallery at Historic Memphis Website

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